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Troubled State - Civil War Journals of Franklin Archibald Dick

Civil War

Buried for years in family files, Gari Carter's discovery of her great great grandfather Franklin Dick's Civil War Journals has produced Troubled State, the inside story of St. Louis' divided and violent history during the Civil War. Filled with intrigue and raw emotion as well as never-before-heard accounts of such major figures as Abraham Lincoln, Nathaniel Lyon, Frank and Montgomery Blair, and John C. Frémont, Troubled State is a must-have new Civil War journal resource for libraries, historians, and Civil War buffs. This important first-hand account of Dick's experiences as Missouri Assistant Adjunct General and Provost Marshall General promises to give new life to the study of politics, power and divided loyalties in the state of Missouri.  Read more...

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Steeped in family history from a young age, Gari Carter spent ten years researching family documents for Troubled State: The Civil War Journals of Franklin Archibald Dick. Speaking four languages in a multitude of careers, she began writing her first book as a result of a car crash - Healing Myself (Hampton Roads, 1993). A dynamic public speaker to varied audiences, she lives in the mountains of western North Carolina. More about Gari...

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