Gari Carter used her four languages in a multitude of careers before writing her first book as a result of a car crash—Healing Myself (Hampton Roads, 1993). She spent ten years researching family documents for Troubled State: The Civil War Journals of Franklin Archibald Dick (Truman State University Press, 2008). Now she has finished writing her third book, The Bone Ring, about Colonel William James Leonard.  More about Gari…

The Bone Ring

This manuscript comprises the Civil War journal of Colonel William James Leonard, leader of Maryland’s Purnell’s Legion, containing his first-hand account of his capture in Stuart’s Raid and imprisonment in Libby Prison in Richmond, Virginia. The title refers to the ring carved from the bones of their food by Col. Leonard’s men for his birthday, inscribed, “Richmond, September 16, 1862”.

“This prison, formerly a tobacco warehouse, is very filthy. The floors are thickly coated with dirt and the whole place is swarming with vermin. One of the daily amusements of the prisoners is skirmishing, as they term it, viz, examining their underclothes for vermin.”

— from The Bone Ring

Troubled State

“As an only child, I have been the caretaker of family things for my generation, which my mother says is both a gift and a burden.”

“Franklin Dick’s journals taught me that war is not just about generals and battles but real people and how they live during life-altering events. Franklin Dick felt like ‘a tree in a moveable vessel’ as he ended his journal asking, ‘In what does happiness consist?’”

— from Troubled State

Healing Myself

Healing Myself Book Cover, Author Gari Carter

“In all our lives, we either experience or have someone we love go through difficult times…The perception, rather than the actual incident, is of crucial importance to one’s well-being. My tragedy evolved from the worst to the best event in my life.”

— from Healing Myself