This manuscript comprises the Civil War journal of Colonel William James Leonard, leader of Maryland’s Purnell’s Legion, containing his first-hand account of his capture in Stuart’s Raid and imprisonment in Libby Prison in Richmond, Virginia. The title refers to the ring carved from the bones of their food by Col. Leonard’s men for his birthday, inscribed, “Richmond, September 16, 1862”.

Colonel William James Leonard
Colonel William James Leonard
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Isabella White Leonard
Isabella White Leonard
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Map Of Col. Leonard's Journey As A Prisoner Of War
Map Of Col. Leonard’s Journey As A Prisoner Of War
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Key to Map of Colonel Leonard’s Travels


  1. Rappahannock Station
  2. Catlett Station
  3. Warrenton Springs
  4. Culpeper
  5. Rapid Ann
  6. Gordonsville
  7. Richmond
  8. Fortress Monroe


  1. Annapolis
  2. Baltimore
  3. Eastern Shore of Maryland
  4. Salisbury


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