The Monroe Institute, 434 361 1252,

Monroe Products, 1 800 541 2488, (produces and distributes CD’s)

Robert Monroe developed the audio technology known as Hemi-Sync®, tones which balance the two sides of the brain. I used the Surgical Support Series in place of anesthesia during my ten years of reconstructive surgery. I still enjoy the CDs for relaxation, pain control, concentration or enjoyment. The non-profit Monroe Institute also has week long residential programs for the exploration of consciousness, which I highly recommend. I put off going for a program until I had finished writing Healing Myself, and wondered why I had waited so long after the first day. Following are some of my favorites from their extensive collection:

Surgical Support Series, Baroque Garden for Concentration, Inner Journey Masterworks, Gaia, Midsummer Night, Sleeping Through the Rain, Energy Walk, Pain Control.

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After teaching hatha yoga and tai chi for 20 years, a friend took me to a Kundalini yoga class. After 2 classes, I did not have to go to the chiropractor each week. I took teacher training and advanced classes and practice it daily.